We design fresh experiences.


User Experience

People interact with your brand via multiple sources,  but there is just one user experience. We help you obtain real feedback and make improvements to that experience.

Brand Design

Startup branding, expansion branding, multiple product lines or integrated marketing… we help expand your brand to position you for explosive growth.

Development & Testing

We use agile, iterative and flexible methods to deliver modern sites, apps and platforms faster than many agencies do, while continuously assessing the user experience.

we help users

We provide brand identity, integrated marketing design, user interface design, usability testing and gauging satisfaction of digital and physical experiences.

Other agencies do too. But what makes Fresh ID different is that we are your customer’s advocate. We are willing to share insights and perspectives that may be hard for you to hear, to help you benefit your users or ease their pains. We do this to help you improve your bottom line and your brand experience, with word of mouth crucial in an age of social sharing and online feedback.

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turn chaos to order

Whether you need a design from scratch, for a prototype concept to raise funding or to launch, or you have outdated or badly designed software, we can help you take the raw content, your ideas and desired features and turn your vision into a viable, sellable, compelling product.

Depending on budget, time and resources, we employ a number of different methods to get the job done. We organize and plan using storyboards, sitemaps and wireframes. We create visual designs and obtain feedback via simulated prototypes, beta tests, surveys, quick or formal usability tests. We go on-site and watch users with your products or using your services and give you insights on the issues they encounter. And we can provide consulting to your development staff to help them produce better products.

What We Do

and add value

When it comes to sharing ideas and using our imagination for your benefit we don’t hold back. We know some agencies charge hefty consulting fees to give you their best ideas, but we can’t help  sharing what we learn if you are our client.

This may include marketing ideas, product ideas, social media thoughts or technical alerts related to your business. We like to experiment with our techniques and marketing approaches and hope you will too. That’s how we can learn new, cool things together.

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