About Us

Designing for users since 1997.

imac-petrolynx-appFounded in 2003 by our Chief Experience Officer and Texan Kristi Colvin, Fresh ID relocated to Kansas City in 2008 and provides design and user experience services to a global and diverse clientele.

Fresh ID is dedicated to helping small businesses, startups and big brand products successfully launch, thrive and grow, by focusing on the comprehensive user experience your clients, customers and users either benefit or suffer from while using your products and services.

Using an integrated, user-focused approach that includes application consulting for developers, user interface design, user experience assessment and testing, plus brand identity with integrated marketing assets, we deliver solutions that help you extend your reach to promote your brand and products using multiple channels.

Since launching her first web design firm (Fresh Pages) in Houston in 1997, Colvin has worked with a range of clients throughout the U.S., Brazil and the United Kingdom, among other countries. Our portfolio includes work for small businesses (Like Minds, Dr. Aviva Romm, Quickie Chick) to larger brands with lots of fans (Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Chiefs, John Deere.) We have extensive experience designing enterprise software in the oil/gas and security sectors for firms in Houston, Dallas, Boston and Washington DC and product line design and integration is our specialty.

The bottom line?  Simply put, we are improvers. Fresh ID helps you expand your brand so you are ready for growth. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Our Mission

Integrity and trustworthiness are things a company earns over a period of time by a series of repeated actions. Understanding your needs, properly communicating it to our team, and delivering results that help us both reach our goals, is how we establish trust.
For someone to give us that level of trust is a privilege and that can never be taken granted or taken advantage of. We believe our business relationship should be built on a foundation of trust, integrity and trying to do the right things with each other and for your users.

Our Challenge

As a team of people who like to use modern technology, but don’t at all enjoy all the modern hassles, we are perpetually empathetic with users and their issues and experiences.
What drives us is the challenge to make complex software easy for the people who need it to be easier, without hiding advanced features from those who are need or want to use them. It’s often easier said than done. When we pull it off we’re quite pleased with ourselves, we must admit.

Empower users with modern sites and apps they will enjoy.

The team at Fresh ID approach each initiative asking the right questions, seeking to understand the company’s goals, and looking to put strategies in place with measurable metrics. They practice setting expectations, and then meeting (or exceeding) them. Too often, companies “sell” more than they can deliver. Fresh ID prefer to under promise and over deliver. It is a pleasant change from some of the impostors that exist. If you are considering strengthening your online presence, then do consider Fresh ID. You will enjoy the experience.
Sam MeersOwner, Meers Advertising