About Us

Design for Users Since 1997

old-petrolynx-appFounded in 2003 by our Chief Experience Officer Kristi Colvin in Houston, Fresh ID relocated to the Kansas City in 2008 and provides design and user experience services to a global and diverse clientele.

Fresh ID is dedicated to helping small businesses, startups and big brand products successfully launch, thrive and grow, by focusing on the comprehensive user experience your clients, customers and users either benefit or suffer from while using your products and services.

Using an integrated, user-focused approach that includes application consulting for developers, user interface design, user experience assessment and testing, plus brand identity with integrated marketing assets, we deliver solutions that help you extend your reach to promote your brand and products using multiple channels.

Since starting her boutique agency in 1997, Colvin has worked with a range of clients throughout the U.S., Brazil and the United Kingdom, among other countries, producing a comprehensive portfolio that includes work for small businesses (Like Minds, Kookiedoodle Crafts, Quickie Chick) to larger brands (John Deere, Sporting Kansas City and Kansas City Chiefs).

The bottom line?  Simply put, we are improvers. Fresh ID helps you expand your brand so you will grow.

Our Mission

Integrity and trustworthiness are things a company earns over a period of time by a series of repeated actions. Understanding your needs, properly communicating it to our team, and delivering results that help us both reach our goals, is how we establish trust.

For someone to give us that level of trust is a privilege and that can never be taken granted or taken advantage of. We believe our business relationship should be built on a foundation of trust, integrity and trying to do the right things with each other and for your users.

Our Challenge

As a team of people who likes to use modern technology, but don’t at all enjoy all the modern hassles, we are perpetually empathetic with users and their issues and experiences.

What drives us is the challenge to make complex software easy for the people who need it to be easier, without hiding advanced features from those who are need or want to use them. It’s often easier said than done. When we pull it off we’re quite pleased with ourselves, we must admit.

Empower customers with modern sites and apps they will enjoy using.

What We Do

We make websites easier to use

Though we still do website and interactive design that by nature must be more static and takes a web designer to change, more and more we are upgrading old, outdated HTML sites to WordPress or another type of Content Management System (CMS) platform. If you’re not sure what a CMS is, we’ll explain it to you. This type of approach works for corporate sites, directories, listings of inventory, ecommerce, blogs, media sites and anything that requires an ability to work on your own SEO and change content easily and quickly, without messing up design elements.

We integrate social media into your marketing and customer communications

Placing a Twitter or Facebook button where they’re visible on your site or in a print or TV ad is simply the first step in integrating social media with your branded communications. Giving people access to your social media pages is different than integrating social media into the fabric of your company culture. Research, analysis, and strategic thinking is imperative to true integration. We can help you go as far as you’re willing to go!

We make online stores more fun to shop in

You’ve invested umpteen dollars, drops of sweat and tons of time into an online store. But still failing to achieve what you wanted with it. A variety of factors can cause your store to fall flat or not excel when perhaps it could. We can help identify the problems, come up with solutions to fix them and consult your team or get into the product ourselves to make needed cosmetic, user experience and code changes needed for improving your conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

We build applications people like to use

We found ways to inject fun into security software products when injecting fun into security products wasn’t cool. (The analysts and users got it!) These days we focus on web and Twitter-based applications, as well as mashing and integrating api’s from various apps to make doing work online easier, productive and more enjoyable. And we still try to stick some humor into apps where we can – people like it!

We analyze your digital marketing efforts

Social Media ROI is a hot topic these days, for good reason. Like all other business initiatives, the payoff has to exceed the cost for it to make a positive difference to your bottom line. We begin by establishing key performance indicators that align with your overall business objectives. We keep track of digital movements and campaigns executed so that each thing we do with you or on your behalf is measurable and we can analyze what works and what doesn’t.

We help create, promote and organize online events

People have come to expect “right-now” communication with a strong desire to not only watch but participate in events as they happen. Our online event application, Intefy, provides you a real-time integrated media portal with your brand front and center. The Intefy platform is an industry-first application that allows end-users to view a variety of event related media, participate with both physical and virtual attendees and have access to their own personal Twitter conversations all on the same page.

We show you how to grow your business and reach more customers using digital tools

First and foremost we understand business fundamentals and the processes that are required to make and save money. We work with our clients to understand how they function today, what they want to achieve tomorrow and find ways to most effectively help them accomplish their goals. We live and breathe technology and take pride in educating our customers how they can leverage the tools and capabilities available online to grow.

We make your brand stronger (or prettier, cooler, timely, relevant, fresh)

We are user experience experts founded in solid design principles. Analyzing all of your customer touch points offline and online is imperative to understanding your brand reputation. We will assess if the customer experience is consistent, aligned with your brand quality, and most of all delivers what your customer needs. We have a strong eye for creating engaging, captivating and memorable designs that help your brand stand out from the competition.

The team at Fresh ID approach each initiative asking the right questions, seeking to understand the company’s goals, and looking to put strategies in place with measurable metrics. They practice setting expectations, and then meeting (or exceeding) them. Too often, companies “sell” more than they can deliver. Fresh ID prefer to under promise and over deliver. It is a pleasant change from some of the impostors that exist. If you are considering strengthening your online presence, then do consider Fresh ID. You will enjoy the experience.
Sam MeersOwner, Meers Advertising