Fresh ID has had a long-standing relationship with Braintree Technologies, a company that focuses on database security software. Ed Gavin & Dave Trahan worked with Kristi at PentaSafe and following acquisition we did several new brands and UI designs for products they developed and marketed.

Lumigent later acquired nTier. They contracted us to redesign the product according to their style standards and to make design adjustments so that it would fit in well with their existing product line.

Dave Trahan, Software Engineer said about our work…

I’ve worked with Kristi on several projects over the years. When I launched a new startup two years ago, I immediately brought Kristi on board to help with every aspect of the UI design and product branding; she was an integral member of the team. Everyone who sees the product remarks at how good the UI looks and how straightforward it is to navigate.

When we were acquired last spring a significant contributor to our valuation was the quality of the UI and its ease of use. After the acquisition we had to rebrand the UI to be in line with the new company. Once again Kristi came to the rescue by helping us retool the UI for a consistent look and feel. Overall Kristi has been an invaluable resource. Her insight into how graphic design and navigation affect product perception is truly exceptional.