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Intefy | Fresh ID


Intefy was a Fresh ID labor of love. It is a product Kristi designed after dinner one night when Twitter had changed their UI again, that morphed into a real-time, rich media, social aggregation tool for delivering hybrid events to a virtual audience. We also did some paid live events with the platform, which is sadly no longer online.

Intefy used the Twitter api’s as well as PHP/CSS for the display, and we were able to do some things other Twitter clients cannot do, like branding and aggregation of many tools on one page, with the ability for users to tweet from the page during an event so their focus remained on the topic. Intefy offered video, slideshare, commerce integration and more for Twitter chats, niche topic discussion and analysis during sports events.

At Fresh ID, we believe in “getting our hands dirty” and doing experiments to learn aspects of project management that other agencies outsource and never learn. After years of doing user interface design and user testing for other companies, Kristi wanted to take on the full product design, development and marketing to learn more about it, and Intefy provided many additional lessons!