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SigmaFlow Software

SigmaFlow Software

Before moving to Kansas, Kristi worked for a company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that sold Six Sigma software products, and Fresh ID temporarily stopped taking new clients during this time. She was hired as User Experience Manager primarily for her experience with product integration and product line identity as SigmaFlow had 7 products in market.

She also became the Marcom department, and for the year and a half that she was there virtually everything was rebranded with a new identity. From the packaging to brochures to the website to the products themselves, every detail was considered and redone to align with the brand including dozens of new charts with color coding and hundreds of icons and marketing diagrams for desktop, widgets and web applications, plus a dozen or more prototyped products that did not enter development before she left. These are just a few samples of the digital assets she created while there.

We’ve included samples here of how we often communicate with developers, using visual design plus dev notes. This is one way we move faster from concept to development when time or budget doesn’t allow for formal wireframes, storyboards and other user interaction tools… we sketch, discuss, produce the visual design and in addition to dev notes, work verbally with developers while they are coding to get the design right, vs giving them reams of documents to code from.