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Sourcefire | Fresh ID


Sourcefire was a year long project. The company that created the open-source Snort platform, installed by thousands of enterprise developers to assist with security, needed to integrate three products into one central console they call the 3D Defense Center.

One of our specialties is product integration from a visual and information architecture perspective, so they hired Fresh ID to work on this with their in-house developers and documentation writers.

These are just a few samples – this was a big project that took the bulk of our time around 2004-2005 and encompassed over 500 custom icons, three product designs, one console design, one community design, help centers, manual cover designs, installation errata and quick start posters plus corporate stationary concepts. We also provided an OEM rebrand of the web apps for channel partner Nortel.

We really enjoyed working with the Sourcefire team and highly recommend them as a company to help secure your corporate networks.