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Kristi Colvin, Chief Experience Officer
(and Sprint Triathlete)


Designing to Sell
Since launching her first web design firm in Houston in 1997, Colvin has worked with a range of clients throughout the U.S., Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Kristi’s portfolio includes work for small businesses (Like Minds, Quickie Chick, Meers Agency, Broadsuite, Inc.) to larger brands with lots of fans and users (Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Chiefs, John Deere, Home Depot, Sourcefire, Visual CV.) Colvin has extensive experience designing enterprise software in the oil/gas and security sectors for firms in Houston, Dallas, Boston and Washington DC. Product line design and integration is a specialty she can bring to your large-scale, complex UX projects. Or… she can create an over-the-top brand that features a fishnet-wearing dog with her stylish llama pal, like ID & Spin has for her own landing page platform.

Colvin’s eye for appealing design and talent for UX that gets inside your users, readers or prospects heads will have you wondering why you ever thought building your own brand was a viable solution for growing your business.

User-centric software & retail improvements, usability testing and user experience analysis and field studies, user experience design, visual standards, change processes and guidelines, product line design and integration, channel/co-branding, social media platform integration and design, real-time event technology and promotion, visual design, icon design

See her full resume at freshpractices.com, her UX blog: http://freshpractices.com/kristi-colvin-resume-uxp

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Kristi’s work was instrumental in creating the unique branding of the Pentasafe product suite. Kristi worked with the entire organization, including product development, marketing, communications and fulfillment to create a consistent user experience. There is no doubt that this added to the value of the entire Pentasafe brand, reflected in our acquisition in 2002.

She also added tremendous value to our products by establishing and running our user experience lab. For the first time, developers got to watch their products being used by customers. This is a powerful experience that motivates them to change the functions of their products. It is much more potent than saying “marketing told us to do it.” It also sent a great message to the customer, letting them know that we valued their input. It was a great experience.

Dave LinemanInformation Shield (formerly with PentaSafe)