Building Dragons

Building Dragons

I managed this book project in its entirety from brand design to book design to landing page design. In this instance Fresh ID did all the self-publishing tasks too at Amazon’s sites.

• Icon and graph design
• Paperback and Kindle versions
• Powerpoint design for the author’s presentations
• Marketing copywriting
• Social media graphics and ads
• Lots of product mockup shots created for posts, banners, ads
• SAP bought 200 for conference attendees immediately
• I also designed the author’s site and two other books & sites by them:

Olivier Blanchard
Ultimate Field Guide to DPM

Aside: This is a great book for user experience professionals, marketers and any business manager that wants to provide a better customer experience and create a company that outlasts fads, trends and competitors.

See the products on Amazon
Visit the landing page, built on Ontraport