T2 & Back Alley

T2 & Back Alley

T2 and Back Alley Films are sister companies that share a building, staff and clients in downtown Kansas City. From pre-production to post video production, they have the team and the talent to cover a video or film project end-to-end. They had designed their websites using Flash to put full focus on the amazing video footage in their portfolio, which is great for visual selling, but hurt them with SEO and being able to share real-time content. So our friend Shelly Kramer contacted us about upgrading their blog, and we came up with what we think is a good, long-term approach for them.

We wanted to use their blog as a multi-purpose tool in their marketing arsenal, and have it serve as a storage facility for HTML content, that can be changed easily, as well as a blog publishing vehicle. This way, they don’t need yet another site for HTML versions of their work, which they had considered – they can add case studies and video samples galore to the blog site, as pages of information or published posts.

Aside from giving them the ability to utilize HTML text for SEO and additional marketing information, we loved their brand identity and wanted the blog to reflect the design principles and aesthetic at work in the sites. As a creative company, their blog needed to reflect the same style and uniqueness that the flash sites do, to extend the experience even though the message is more verbal than visual, on the blog. The sites put the focus on the work they do, but their blog gives some insight into the team behind-the-scenes of these award-winning commercials and films, in the moving flash photostrip at the top of the blog, and the rotating large background photos in grayscale – all of those photos are scenes of the office space, equipment they use and the team at work.

As part of our effort to improve SEO, we also upgraded their splash page to add real-time content from multiple sources. They had a neat building that represents both T2 (enter the front door) and Back Alley Films (come in through the back.) We loved this literal representation of their building and didn’t want to lose it, so we extracted that object and made it just a component of the page, allowing us to integrate api’s and feeds beneath for a media mash of all their latest content and updates. This gives new visitors a glimpse of what’s to come by entering the sites, and allows search engines to associate recently published items with the main T2 domain, something that was lacking before. We loved how it all came out!

They have since renamed and rebranded as Hint, but you can still see the blog live at www.t2.tv/blog