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The Zodiac Girls | Fresh ID
The Zodiac Girls

The Zodiac Girls

This is an older project that I wanted to share because it is a good example of branding and marketing I designed that had multiple product aspects: mobile apps, merchandise and free goodies for people to download. It is also a great example of my love of whimsical vector art. 🙂

This was a mobile app at the time – I had wanted to experiment with the Shoutem platform to see if it was something we could use for clients and also to learn about the process of getting apps in the stores. It was fun but I did not have time to maintain it. Shoutem is celebrating a 10 year anniversary so check them out if you want to DIY a simple mobile app. We’d be happy to help with that project also!

Want to download the cute wallpapers? Click here to download them all and feel free to share with your friends.