Rave Reviews

I love helping clients find success. Here are some things people have said about my Fresh ID team over the years.

Sporting Kansas City

Fresh ID and Sporting Kansas City partnered on fun live events (Snowmageddon, live stadium naming and Ochocinco tryout) and created the first ever fan membership portal that allowed Sporting KC members to talk and share in one place.

We pride ourselves on working with the best local partners, and Fresh ID more than fits that mold. They not only bring great ideas and strategy, but they invest all of their efforts and interests in making projects successful. From the unveiling of the LiveSTRONG partnership to the recent launch of SportingMembership.com, Fresh ID has developed projects with great agility and care.

Kyle Rogers, Membership Strategist
Sporting Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs

We truly enjoyed our 3 year retainer relationship with the Chiefs and the fast-paced opportunities they brought our way. We created their stadium website, designed fun Facebook contests and connected them to the KC community with various fan voting campaigns. We also assisted with monthly strategy sessions and recommend the latest in social media and technology solutions to help them engage with the most amazing fans in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs’ fans are passionate and we want to make sure we are leveraging every opportunity to engage and excite them. Fresh ID brings creative ideas to connect with our fans utilizing the best in user experience and digital solutions today.

Lance Brown, Manager
Internet & Digital Media

OAB Consulting

Olivier Blanchard is a partner and friend, and we collaborate with him on the branding of several of his projects including Social Media ROI and The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management.

Kristi is one of a handful of people I have met in my career with a natural talent for turning a decent idea into a remarkable product. Her instincts, professional savvy, well-honed design sensibility and remarkable work ethic all combine to create a perfect storm of execution. Kristi always see ways of improving a project before everyone else does. She handles obstacles with supreme professionalism the tactical agility of a master and always managed to deliver outcomes above and beyond my expectations. (Not an easy feat.) Her UX/UI instincts are also second to none, which is a rare asset when combined with a great eye for design.

Her sense of humor and enthusiasm for everything she does also makes working with her a pleasure (another rare gift). In addition to all of this, she is years ahead of most marketing professionals when it comes to digital communications design and management thinking. She has become, over the years, one of my closest collaborators, and I cannot recommend her enough to any organization looking to partner with one of the most talented people in her industry.

Olivier Blanchard
President, OABC


The MultiService team hired Fresh ID to assist them with social media strategy and training services. As a global transaction management company specializing in billing and payment systems, they have recently implemented a new social media policy and enlisted 30 employees to serve as their Social Media “Army.” Fresh ID received an urgent call the Thursday prior to Easter weekend as their previous consulting company wasn’t quite delivering as promised and there were two 4-hour boot camp training sessions to be held the following Tuesday. We told them we would put our best foot forward and ended up having a great time not only sharing what we know with their team but also learning from the students in the room, many of them social media practitioner’s in their own right! As part of our new relationship, we will provide ongoing consultation to assist with social media strategy over the next 6 months.

I wanted to make sure I documented how incredibly grateful I am for your phenomenal work ethic and positive, can-do demeanor in the face our ridiculously last-minute project. Beyond your hard work and fantastic attitude, the quality of the training materials were thoughtful, intelligent, and beautifully prepared and presented.  The fact that so few “Army” members appear to be panicking over our impending launch next week speaks volumes towards your thorough training program.

I am SO grateful for the introduction through Sam at Meers Advertising and look forward to working with you over the next few weeks on the launch of our program.

Elizabeth Benditt
Vice President, Marketing

Meers Advertising

Meers Advertising is setting the standard on how traditional agencies transform themselves and help clients stay ahead of the digital learning curve. We have partnered with the Meers team on both their internal and external social media services including research, strategy, training, campaign development and execution, and measuring results. We are strongly connected through their brand dog, Boulder Meers who was a frequent visitor to the downtown Fresh ID office.

Fresh ID have an amazing understanding of the ever-changing social media landscape. They approach each initiative asking the right questions, seeking to understand the company’s existing social media presence, and looking to put strategies in place with measurable metrics. They practice setting expectations, and then meeting (or exceeding) them. Too often, social media companies “sell” more than they can deliver. This team prefers to under promise and over deliver. It is a pleasant change from some of the impostors that exist in this relatively new category. If you are considering strengthening your social media presence, then do consider Fresh ID. You will enjoy the experience.

Sam Meers
Owner, Meers Advertising

Associated Plastic Surgeons

We have enjoyed a working relationship with APS since 2009. What began as a website and extensive e-commerce project turned in to marketing collateral, ad design, search engine optimization services and social media support. What we love most about APS is they share our fundamental philosophy in quality and customer service.

Thanks to the entire team! We are very happy with our new site. It was amazing that you were able to launch the site in time for Holiday Mart. This allowed us to showcase our new site to 25,000 potential patients in one weekend! I also look forward to working with you in the future!

Becky Abts
Practice Administrator, Associated Plastic Surgeons


The RedHouseMedia team, as an ad agency, had a strong brand and website design but lacked a custom blog platform that matched the site and let them do all they wanted to in their local community. We created a custom blog to seamlessly fit inside their existing site.

We’re very satisfied with the style and quality of work you produced for us. I like that we didn’t have to pay you to learn – other providers we spoke with kept telling me how hard it was going to be to do what we wanted, but your team didn’t. I liked that Kristi used her knowledge to solve the design issues, instead of saying “that’s not going to work.” Having a designer with a similar vision (bigger than normal) who gets excited about our ideas is a major plus!

Aaron Hautala

PentaSafe Security Solutions

Kristi worked as User Experience Manager for PentaSafe Security Solutions in Houston, Texas, where she created the UE department and built a $90,000 usability lab. Nine dev teams adopting user experience practices, 32 products plus a dozen prototypes, 2 product rebrands and an acquisition rebrand were accomplished under her direction in just 3 short years.

Kristi’s work was instrumental in creating the unique branding of the Pentasafe product suite. Kristi worked with the entire organization, including product development, marketing, communications and fulfillment to create a consistent user experience. There is no doubt that this added to the value of the entire Pentasafe brand, reflected in our acquisition in 2002.

Kristi added tremendous value to our products by establishing and running our user experience lab. For the first time, developers got to watch their products being used by customers. This is a powerful experience that motivates them to change the functions of their products. It is much more potent than saying “marketing told us to do it.” It also sends a great message to the customer, letting them know that we value their input. It was a great experience on both sides.

David Lineman
Director of Product Development

I cannot say enough good things about Kristi as a manager, co-worker, employee, and friend. Kristi was a constant source of ideas and had the energy and expertise to get them done. Kristi was always on the lookout for innovative ways to market and brand our software as well as our company. In fact, I seem to remember that one product branding idea was inspired by the colors she saw represented by various flavors of potato chips! As a user advocate and usability expert, Kristi always had a keen awareness of what would work best, but she often provided multiple options from which to choose. Kristi’s sincere encouragement and positive attitude made it a joy to work for her, and hope that one day our professional paths will cross again.

Ken Camerino
Information Architect

Kristi’s design work is top notch. She works well with software engineers, able to translate vague product specs and deliver stunning, award winning product GUIs in time for market deployment. She redesigned the PentaSafe product line front end, enabling it to be effectively used by the customer base.

Albert Gorup
Senior Software Engineer


Braintree Technologies has worked with Kristi on several new ventures over the past decade, and she provided complete branding and user experience for company and products.

I’ve worked with Kristi on several software products over the years. When I launched a new startup two years ago, I immediately brought Kristi on board to help with every aspect of the UI design and product branding; she is an integral member of the team. Everyone who sees the product remarks at how good the UI looks and how straightforward it is to navigate.

When we were acquired last spring a significant contributor to our valuation was the quality of the UI and its ease of use. After the acquisition we had to rebrand the UI to be in line with the new company. Once again Kristi came to the rescue by helping us retool the UI for a consistent look and feel. Overall Kristi has been an invaluable resource. Her insight into how graphic design and navigation affect product perception is truly exceptional.

Dave Trahan
Product Manager


Kristi, I want to take a minute to thank you for all the hard work you put in on Sourcefire’s 3D System 4.5. It was a stunning feat, further complicated by the intrigue and confusion that only a growing company and geographic diversity can provide. I know that we didn’t always agree on the specifics, but that we both wanted to take an award-winning product and make it better.

I think that working together, we’ve made great improvements to the product’s look and feel. It certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without your input and guidance! Thanks again for all your hard work!

Jim Kukla
Senior Software Engineer

SigmaFlow Software

Kristi worked at SigmaFlow as User Experience Manager prior to moving to Kansas, where she was responsible for corporate brand identity, marketing and event collateral and the product line identity of 7 individual products, for which which she designed integration and a seamless user experience.

Kristi was one of the best User Experience professionals I have worked with in the past few years. Kristi was not only instrumental in improving the user interfaces for SigmaFlow software products but also created excellent product marketing brochures along with SigmaFlow website. It was a pleasure working with Kristi.

Ajay Jain
Vice President, Product Strategy & Management

There are many UI Experts in my list I worked with during my career but Kristi is on the top of my list. She is not only an expert of User Experience and User-Centered Designs but she is also an Architect of blending Context, Content and User Experience. I always admired her work.

Adil Soni
Technical Lead

I worked with Kristi at SigmaFlow, and her influence significantly improved the user experience of our software products resulting in higher customer adoption rates. In a very competitive software market, the value Kristi brought to our customers and the pride we had in the updated user interfaces set us apart from the crowd. She produced significantly more professional marketing materials that were backed up by robust software products that user’s actually liked to use. Her creative vision is unmistakeable and her relentless passion for worldclass quality delivers more than expected.

Seth Halstead
Senior Solutions Architect / Six Sigma Black Belt

I’ve worked with Kristi on several projects. Working with Kristi was a great experience. She is very creative with excellent technical knowledge. I found her designs and UI skills one of “THE BEST” I have worked so far. Her view on how graphic design and navigation affect product perception is truly exceptional. I really enjoyed working with Kristi.

Imtiaz Khan
Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead


I’ve only known Kristi a few months but it was a no-brainer from the beginning that Kristi is a passionate communicator with a keen eye for designing the best user experiences in graphics, print, and online. I enjoy interacting with her online, and learn a new thing with each new encounter. I am confident she will be an asset to any client in any organizational environment.

Ari Herzog

Titan Wood

Kristi combines a rare talent of creativity with the technical knowledge to bring her ideas, or those where she has contributed, into reality. She has strong graphic, web, publishing, and IT skills.

Hal Stebbins
Director, Product Management